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9:30: Welcome message and introduction

SESSION 1 (9:30-10:30) : Planning on earth, sea, sky and space

Toward a Test Environment for Autonomous Controllers
Pablo Muñoz, Amedeo Cesta, Andrea Orlandini and Maria D. R-Moreno

Planning the Behaviour of Low-Cost Quadcopters for Surveillance Missions
Sara Bernardini, Maria Fox and Derek Long

Autonomous Energy Management as a High Level Reasoning for Planetary Rover Problems
Daniel Diaz, Amedeo Cesta, Angelo Oddi, Riccardo Rasconi and Maria Dolores Rodriguez-Moreno

Planning and Replanning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Daniele Magazzeni and Francesco Maurelli

10:30-11:00 : Coffee Break

SESSION 2 (11:00-12:30) : Plans: execution, repair, robustness

A TGA-based Method for Safety Critical Plan Execution
Andrea Orlandini, Marco Suriano, Amedeo Cesta and Alberto Finzi

Plan Repair Driven by Model-Based Agent Diagnosis
Roberto Micalizio

Timelines with Temporal Uncertainty
Alessandro Cimatti, Andrea Micheli and Marco Roveri

Can Planning meet Data Cleansing?
Roberto Boselli, Mirko Cesarini, Fabio Mercorio and Mario Mezzanzanica

Evaluating Plan Robustness in Presence of Numeric Fluents
Enrico Scala

On the Plan-library Maintenance Problem in a Case-based Planner
Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Anna Roubickova, Alessandro Saetti and Ivan Serina

Towards Automated Planning Domain Models Generation
Mauro Vallati, Lukas Chrpa and Federico Cerutti

12:30-14:00 : Lunch

14:00-15:30 : 25th anniversary of AI*IA

15:30-15:45 : Coffee break

SESSION 3 (15:45-16:30) : Planning and Scheduling with time constraints

Business Model Design as a Temporal Planning Problem: Preliminary Results
Daniele Magazzeni, Fabio Mercorio, Balbir Barn, Tony Clark, Franco Raimondi, Vinay Kulkarni

Reasoning about Time Constraints in a Mixed-Initiative Calendar Manager
Liliana Ardissono, Giovanna Petrone, Marino Segnan and Gianluca Torta

Efficient DTPP solving with a reduction-based approach
Jean-Rémi Bourguet, Marco Maratea and Luca Pulina